About INoEA

Welcome to the INoEA website, the International Network on Esophageal Atresia.

This network was set up by health professionals and researchers working on esophageal atresia in february 2013.

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  • EA is a rare disease and therefore requires large cohorts from different centres/countries to make progress in understanding the disease, defining standard of care, developing innovative approach, obtaining information on outcome and prognosis.
  • There have been recently national initiatives (i.e. Canada, France, European Union…) to encourage networks on rare diseases
    Family support groups are active and starting to build international family support group confederation (ie EAT in Europe and Australia).
  • There is a need for a multidisciplinary approach of EA (surgeons, neonatologists, prenatal diagnosis health professionals, geneticists, specialized pediatricians (gastro/pulmonologist…), speech therapists, psychologist, nurses…
  • The 4 first meetings on EA held in Lille (2010), Montreal (2012), Rotterdam (2014) and Sydney (2016) demonstrated a great interest for such meetings and the need for collaborative work and research projects.

INoEA aims are

  • To organize every 2-3 years an international meeting on EA
  • To initiate international consensus and guidelines on EA.
  • To initiate international collaborative research programs

INoEA organization

  • A steering committee including representative of the most active groups in the world to coordinate the activities of the network was created in February 2013

Steering committee

  • Frederic Gottrand (Lille) president (Pediatric gastroenterologist)
  • Christophe Faure (Montreal) vice president (Pediatric gastroenterologist)
  • René Wijnen (Rotterdam) (Pediatric surgeon)
  • Arnold Coran (USA) (Pediatric surgeon) Luigi Dall’oglio (Rome) (Pediatric surgeon)
  • Luigi Dall’oglio (Rome) (Pediatric surgeon)
  • Risto Rintala (Helsinki) (Pediatric surgeon)
  • Robin Cotton (Cincinnati) (ENT)
  • Tom Kovesi (Ottawa) (Pediatric pulmonologist)
  • Usha Krishnan (Sydney) (Pediatric gastroenterologist)
  • Anastassios Koumbourlis (Washington) (Pediatric pulmonologist)
  • Michaela Dellenmark-Blum (Gothenburg) (Pediatric nurse specialist)

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